Varsity Program Objectives

A team-first attitude and advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on a varsity team, as is the realization that a varsity sport usually requires a six-day-a-week commitment. This commitment often requires practices and/or games during vacations, holidays and/or Sundays, therefore the dedication and commitment needed to conduct a successful varsity program has to be taken seriously by not only the athletes, but by their families as well.

The varsity coach is the leader of that sport’s program and determines the system of instruction and strategy for the MS through Varsity levels. The communication among the middle school, junior varsity and varsity programs is the responsibility of the varsity coach. Preparing to win, striving for victory in each contest, and working to reach group and individual goals are core objectives at the varsity level.

Varsity competition is the culmination of each sport’s program. Students from 9th through 12th grade may be included on the team providing that evidence of advanced levels of physical development, athletic skill and appropriate socio-emotional development are demonstrated. Only 9th through 11th grade students can be considered at the JV level.

Squad size at the varsity level is limited. The number of participants on any given team is a function of those needed to conduct an effective and meaningful practice and to play the contest. It is vital that each team member have a role and be informed of their importance. The number of roster positions is relative to the students’ acceptance of their individual roles in pursuit of the team’s goals. While contest participation over the course of a season is desirable, a specified amount of playing time at the varsity level is never guaranteed.