Sports Physicals For Athletic Participation

New York State mandates an annual assessment for participation in interscholastic sports. Physical examinations may be completed by your private physician, health care provider, the school doctor and/or the school nurse practitioner. To comply with State Law, medical examinations may be scheduled at any time during the school year and shall be valid for a period of twelve continuous months. Unless the medical examination is conducted within 30 days of the start of a sports season, a health history update is required.

Competitive athletics requires vigorous exercise and training. The Rockville Centre School District encourages all of its students to participate and/or tryout.

To ascertain their health and ability to play, we require an annual sports-orientated evaluation. We hope to identify potential problems and resolve them so that all can participate. Medical problems discovered will be referred for further assessment by your own medical examiner at the discretion of the school doctor.

Before participation in any aspect of the athletic program, including tryouts and practice, all of the following must be completed:

1. Consent Form completed and signed by parent/guardian and student.

2. Health History completed and signed by parent/guardian and student.

3. Physical examination signed by examiner.

4. An interview with the school nurse prior to each sport season regarding current health status.

5. A final approval slip signed by the school nurse and/or physician.

6. A re-evaluation and medical clearance approved by the school physician if any injury or illness has been sustained prior to the season.

7. An Interval Health History review and written parental permission before the start of each season.

8. If your child is trying out for a contact sport (football, volleyball, diving, soccer, baseball, softball, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, lacrosse or gymnastics) they will need to have a current IMPACT test (good for 2 years)

Contact your school nurse for specific questions.