It is the responsibility of all coaches, staff, athletes, parents, spectators, and community members to exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship and fair-play at all times. We all assume the responsibility of teaching our children at all levels about the positive aspects of respect, fair-play and ethical conduct under all circumstances. The values to be derived from playing the game fairly should be stressed and any action which tends to destroy these values must be discouraged. Courtesy should be shown towards coaches, opponents, officials, supervisors, spectators, and administrators.

Most of all it is the duty of all concerned with athletics at all levels, to remember that an athletic contest is only a game and should be kept in that perspective by all concerned. The lessons and values taught will leave lasting impressions; therefore, we need to make every effort to have these experiences be POSITIVE.




The purpose of this policy is to take positive steps in controlling disruptive behavior at all Section VIII athletic contests.

Individuals representing South Side High School who participate in an unsportsmanlike manner are subject to penalties deemed appropriate by the Section. The Rockville Centre School District, after reviewing all circumstances, may take additional measures to ensure that there is no recurrence of the incident.

  • Player Expulsion: Any athlete who commits a serious violation of game rules or takes part in flagrant misconduct during play shall be subject to ejection from the contest and disciplinary action.
  • Spectators: Any spectator who acts in a disruptive or abusive manner at an athletic contest will be removed from the situation. In addition, disciplinary measures that follow could impact a student/athlete’s participation on future athletic teams.