Responsibilities of a South Side Athlete

Being a member of a South Side Athletic team is the fulfillment of an early ambition for many students. The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be maintained. A great athletic tradition has been developed by hard work of many people over the years. Your actions will reflect not only on those who you are associated with now, but those who have contributed so much to our schools in the past.

Many of our athletes have gone on to collegiate and national fame. Others have set major school records. Because of this fine tradition, a challenge is set for you to work hard and to make sure that your actions reflect the standards that are set up by the athletic department.

If you would like to participate on a JV or Varsity sport team this year, he/she needs to be in good academic standing and have a completed sports physical submitted to and approved by the school nurse prior to the start of the season (including concussion testing for contact sports as described below).


Please be aware of the following items that relate to all sport seasons:

1) At the HS level, especially varsity, it is expected that all athletes come into the tryout process in top physical condition to give him/her the best opportunity to make the team.

2) An athlete who does not have the proper physical clearance is not eligible to participate in any part of a tryout/practice.

3) An athlete who does not actively participate during the sports specific tryout/practice sessions may not be eligible to be a member of the team.

4) If an athlete is injured prior to the tryout process but still wants to be on the team after being medically cleared, he/she must attend all tryouts and practices from the first day of the season to be eligible for consideration for that season.

5) During the course of the athletic season, members of the press will be photographing and/or filming our athletic teams and players.  Unless the Athletic Office is notified in writing otherwise, it will be assumed that you are giving the school district permission for your son/daughter to be photographed and/or filmed during any sporting event throughout the year.

6) Due to the nature of high school athletics, it will be necessary for coaches to hold practices and/or games/meets on Saturdays, holidays and/or during school vacation breaks. By permitting your son/daughter to join a team you are agreeing to this policy and it is expected that your son/daughter participate during these practices/games in lieu of personal vacations or school visits.  Absences at practice and/or games during these times may result in suspension of game play or expulsion from team if repeated.

In the long run you and your family will be proud of the sacrifice and dedication that you have put forth to be a member of our athletic teams. The highs and lows of athletic competition are achieved through hard work, commitment and discipline and are rewarded with the development of fond memories and personal achievements.