Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Evaluate program objectives as well as student athlete performances with compassion, justice and honesty.
  • Set an example by demonstrating good sportsmanship and an understanding that healthy competition is part of the game.
  • Be positive and be prepared to win or lose by demonstrating self-control and respect for players, officials, opponents and spectators while at games and practices.
  • Plan organized practices regularly that address the needs of all players.
  • Inform athletes at the beginning of the season of practice and game schedules including weekend and holiday commitments.
  • Review expectations and eligibility rules including how students should address any conflicts they have with other school activities or jobs.
  • Establish protocols with corresponding consequences for missed practices and games.
  • Establish a notification system with athletes and parents that can be used in the event of an emergency or cancellation.
  • Establish acceptable social media protocols with corresponding consequences for violations.

Coaches who make a difference are those that guide with principle.