Academic Eligibility

Careful monitoring of student achievement is crucial for the success of the eligibility program, therefore, at South Side High School a student/athlete failing more than two courses at a quarter grading period or receiving the comment “student is currently failing” at the five week progress reports will be on probation. A student on probation will have five weeks to remediate areas of failure. If at the next report card or progress report a student on probation is failing more than two subjects or received the comment “student is currently failing”, then he/she will be declared ineligible to participate. Students who fail classes during the fourth quarter and successfully complete a summer program will be considered eligible to participate.

The school shall provide some means for students to work to remediate areas of academic weakness and improve assignments. Such opportunities may include, but not be limited to, mandatory daytime study halls, extra help sessions, supervised after school study periods, tutorials, counseling, etc.

The student with assistance from his/her guidance counselor and coach will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring progress toward remediating the areas of failure.

If a coach, a counselor, or a student feels that a waiver should apply, he/she will submit, in writing, a request for a hearing before the High School Appeals Committee, comprised of the Assistant Principal of Student Services, the President of the Student Government, the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics, and a coach. This committee must meet and render a decision within five (5) days of the written request. All decisions by the committee will be considered final.