Hello 7th & 8th Grade Athletic Parents, Guardians and Students,

MS Winter sports are set to begin on November 7th for Boys Basketball/Girls Volleyball and January 17th for Girls Basketball/Boys Wrestling. If your child has not done so already, please have him/her sign into the Winter Sport Google Classroom (codes below) for the team that they would like to participate on. At this point all Winter I athletes should have submitted all necessary paperwork for Athletic Clearance or at least know what is needed to be cleared and ready to tryout on November 7th.

1) All athletes are required to submit an annual “Required NYSED School Health Examination Form“, which is good for one year. This form has been updated by NYSED since last year and should be used moving forward.   Health Exam Form 2223.pdf

2) All athletes are also required to submit a seasonal “NYSED Health History Form for Athletes” before each season played, which is good for that season only. This new form replaces the old yellow Interval Health History form.  Health History 2223.pdf

3) All MS Winter I & II athletes  are required to complete a baseline concussion screening every two years.

4) Without medical clearance, no athlete is permitted to participate in any manner of the tryout process.

SSMS will be offering Sport Physicals on 11/3 from 2:45-4:45PM, and concussion testing on 11/3 & 1/11 from 2:45-3:45PM. Concussion testing will be held in the two computer labs.




BOYS BASKETBALL          gie6mwf

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL         heyokr6


GIRLS BASKETBALL         hck7gsr

WRESTLING                       gkno5gj


See you on the court/mat soon!

Carol Roseto, District Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics