SOUTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL: FREE livestreaming of all games/matches being played in the HS main gym or on the HS main field.  For HS Gymnastics, please see MS instructions

Here is how to sign up:

1) Log on to

2) On the top where it says “Find your school, event, association” Type in “South Side High School”

3) From the pull-down menu, select “South Side Senior High School-RVC NY”

4) Click on “follow” at the top right of the page

5) You will get a pop-up that says “sign in to follow”

6) Click Blue “sign-up for free”

7) Create your account entering your first name, last name, email address and password

8) If you want…leave the box checked that says “receive event and game notification and updates”

9) Click continue

10) After you get the verification email, login in and enjoy the games.  Scheduled competitions are at the bottom of the screen under the heading “Upcoming, On Demand. and Highlights”.

SOUTH SIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL: FREE livestreaming of all MS Girls Volleyball, MS Boys and Girls Basketball, MS Boys Wrestling, and HS Gymnastics Meets being played in the MS main and Aux Gyms.

Go to this link:

Then click on the game you want to watch